Throughout the world, SCHWERDTEL machines are increasingly becoming an industry measure when it comes to the filling and packing of pasty and high viscous products, whether using small semi-automatic machines or fully-automatic lines working on a reliable 24 hour basis. The Schwerdtel range of products include material feeding systems, multi-component-dosing, cartridge filling machines. The industries catered to are Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and other industries where viscous products are packaged.
*Printing Inks- For the printing ink industry drum presses are available to feed from 200 litre drums or pressure resistant containers. Even containers of not round or rectangular shape but of irregular cross-section can be used in specially modified models. Filling of cans with pasty printing inks and varnish with volumetric and gravimetric closing systems guarantee clean filling.

*Sealants - Schwerdtel has got the longest experience in the field of cartridge filling lines. Highly viscous sealants can be fed with the help of drum presses / vessel presses and pneumatically dosed with an accuracy of less than 0.5 gram. The special system ensures an air free, quick, accurate and economical filling.

*Specials - Schwerdtel offers custom made solutions for products, such as hotmelt, putties, pasty products for the food industry, as well as raw materials and finished products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.