ALWID GmbH, Germany

 ALWID started in Germany in 1964. Specialized in customer-specific development and the manufacture of filling and capping machines for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, ALWID products were exported in over 60 countries. The filling machines are suited for almost all fluids and pastes, which are not carbonated. By various filling methods, an accurate filling regarding height, volume or weight is possible. ALWID capping machines process apart from various screw caps, PP caps, roll-on caps, crown corks, grip corks, natural corks, twist-off and trigger caps, as well as various push-in and push-on caps. All filling and capping machines are available as semi-automatic version, as line system and as rotary system, and are thus suitable for small, medium and large power applications. Due to the modular design of the ALWID machines, different containers and fluids can be processed without complex modifications.

Awema, Switzerland

Awema located in the heart of Chocolate country is a special Swiss manufacturer of single shot depositor machines enabling efficient and cost effective production of pralines and other chocolate products. Awema produces spinners and decorating machines for making hollow chocolate figures. Another line is production of multi head weighers.

Bionot, Greece

BIONOT provides innovative solutions for Dry Fruit Processing Industries. They have long experience in construction and development of plant and machineries for peeling, cracking, sieving and sorting, drying, roasting, frying and cooling, blanching and mixing.

Sairem, France

SAIREM SAS, France is among the international leaders specialized in Designing, development and manufacturing of Microwave and Radiofrequency machines for the food industry. 

Silverson Machines, UK

Silverson, the first name in High Shear Mixers is extensively used in the laboratory for development and in the process for the widest variety of applications mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving.
Models include batch and inline machines, also available in ultra hygienic models for CIP and SIP operations. Installation flexibility allows bottom and top entry, inline operation and complete assemblies for incorporating solids/liquids.

Terlet, Netherlands

Terlet, Holland is part of the MPE Group and provides equipment for processing of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and eggs. Crystalizers for lactose and concentrated whey are their specialization. Scraped surface heat exchangers with the brand name TERLOTHERM are well known for gentle but thorough heat exchange for high viscosity and high solid containing products.