ASC Instrument is the specialist for non-intrusive leakage test for vials and bags in pharmaceutical branch. The test method replaces the methylene blue dye test with up to 100-fold better accuracy  and linked to  National Standards. Calibrated vials or bags allow leakage detection that is permanently 100% under control. The equipment offers excellent accuracy and allows detection of holes smaller than 3 micron within few seconds. ASC instruments control units are designed for testing in laboratory as well as in production, and are becoming crucial for today’s high-performant medical producers. 

Nikka Densok, Japan

Nikka Densok Pinhole Inspectors are specially designed for non-destructive testing utilizing a high frequency, high voltage spark test eliminating the fear of secondary contamination to the solution filled pharma containers. Nikka Densok Pinhole Inspectors ensure product seal integrity by identifying small pinholes, cracks and seal imperfections providing reliable quality assurance.

Enclony.Cosa, Korea

With more than 25 years of experience and dedication on the Vision inspection technology, Enclony.Cosa are today the world leader in manufacturing of inspection machines for pharmaceutical solid products, tablets and capsules.

Their Planet 4.8 model is specially designed to inspect Tablet & Capsules together in one machine. Maximum Output for Capsules is 150,000 & for Tablet is 350,000 depending upon the shape and size of the same.

Their TONZ Series is Extremely High Speed Mass Inspection Machine for Tablets which is able to give an Output up to 1,100,000.   

Optrel, Italy

Optrel, A Stevanato Group Brand is producing top performing Automatic Visual Inspection machines for over 35 years. It utilizes the highest speed, most reliable vision systems to inspect glass  containers filled with  parenteral drugs, injectable and solid dosage pharma product, to detect any contaminant, cosmetic defect or leaking container and reject it. The solutions provided are perfectly suited for any pharmaceutical company that is looking for the best price/quality ratio, combined with the highest flexibility in terms of machine’s adaptability to different containers or products. Solutions are available for clear liquids, suspensions, viscous and lyophilized products. Handling solutions for product’s feeding and packaging are available, as well as complete packaging, assembly or sterile handling solutions through the Stevanato Group.