ETIMEX Primary Packaging, Germany

ETIMEX Primary Packaging, Germany develops and manufactures films, sheet and Trays from a variety of plastic materials to offer customized packaging solutions to the food, pet-food and pharmaceutical industry. Their main targeted areas in Food Industry are Frozen Food, RTE Food, Retorted Meals, Pasteurized Meals and Beverage applications.

Heinlein Plastik-Technik, Germany

As a specialist for plastic closures and dosage systems, Heinlein, has been developing innovative concepts for the pharmaceutical field, as well as the beverage and food sectors, for seven decades. Heinlein offers a wide range of plastic closures and dosage systems (standard screw caps, tamper evident closures, caps for child resistant packaging, pipette sets, vertical and horizontal droppers, measuring cups etc). The Heinlein name has stood for quality at the highest level, state-of-the-art technology, customized consultancy and creative solutions.

Wheaton, USA

Wheaton Science Products is an ISO 9001 registered company. Wheaton Science Products is a leading supplier of glass and plastic containers for the Pharmaceutical industry.
Wheaton offers a broad range of both moulded and tubing based glass containers and vials. Containers and vials can be supplied in different glasses clear or amber with different neck finishes, with or without closures.

Wheaton has state of art injection and injection blow molding production capabilities in manufacturing PET, HDPE, LDPE and PP containers and caps. Wheaton's capabilities to produce to extreme tolerances are key in manufacturing products like leak proof starline plastic bottles and caps, as well as precision items such as controlled dropper tips.

Other Packaging Materials

Food & Pharma Specialities sources the following categories of products from World Wide suppliers located in USA, Europe and Asia to meet industry requirements. Customers include leading names in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Major convertors also source their requirement from FPS.


Tin Plate Easy Open Ends
Aluminium Easy Open Ends
Peelable Aluminium Easy Open Ends


Laminated Pouches for Retort packaging of shelf stable products
Laminated Pouches for pasteurised foods
Pouches for frozen products

Liners (Anaconda)
Material for Pull Tabs
Laminated Paper board