alphaphoenix GmbH

alphapoenix GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of cleaning equipment for the pharmaceutical industry for last 30 years. Internationally operating pharmaceutical companies trust in the high quality of alpha phoenix which consumes economical energy, detergent and high-quality water. The intuitive operation of the machine, as well as their simple integration into your production processes reduce your overhead and staff cost. alphaphoenix produce washer in different sizes and individually adapt them to the building conditions of your company’s premises-from small parts washers for labware over barrel cleaning systems up to cleaning equipment for IBC’s. Washers are comply with national and international standards and regulations for quality assurance in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products such as DIN, EHEDG, EN, VDE, IEC, cGMP, GAMP and FDA. This ensures alphaphoenix machines and systems always meet your requirement with regard to hygiene and production safety.


Atec Pharmatechnik GmbH, Germany

Atec is offering systems for the processing and handling of pharmaceutical enclosures (like rubber stoppers, plungers, needle shields and aluminium caps) and formulation systems. The complete product range is:

  • Stopper Processing Systems for the washing, sterilisation, siliconisation and drying of stoppers, plungers and other components
  • Formulations systems with mobile or fixed vessels
  • Formulation and sterile vessels
  • Clean room lifts
  • CIP systems


castus, Germany

castus is  manufacturer and assembler of rapid transfer systems(RTP) in the clean room technology sector which is based in Germany.The range of products from castus include alpha ports, beta ports, beta transfer container, Rail systems, beta transfer container with pull-out-system, beta false container, Beta Bags. 

Criofarma, Italy

Criofarma is one of the leading manufacturer of freeze-drying equipment's for pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries since 1962. In the specialized field of pharmaceuticals and biological products Criofarma enjoys an international reputation for experience quality, performance, safety, validation and flexibility. 

Silverson Machines, UK

Silverson, the first name in High Shear Mixers is extensively used in the laboratory for development and in the process for the widest variety of applications mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving.
Models include batch and inline machines, also available in ultra hygienic models for CIP and SIP operations. Installation flexibility allows bottom and top entry, inline operation and complete assemblies for incorporating solids/liquids.